“I was treated by Lois for problems I was having related to uterine cancer surgery ten years ago that left me with scarring and adhesions that were causing partial bowel blockages, and other gastrointestinal problems. I was so relieved to hear that she was a nurse, in addition to being an acupuncturist. This was reassuring to me, since I had not had a lot of experience with this type of treatment.

Lois was amazingly sensitive, a good listener, and was able to come up with treatment plans that worked for me. In addition, since I am very sensitive to needles, I appreciated her light touch and the painless treatment she was able to administer. In the course of the treatment for my abdominal issues, I developed breast cancer. Lois was a tremendous support to me and got me through the experience with her knowledge of all of the issues involved in my treatment and recovery.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

— A.S.

“Lois treated me recently for two different issues. First, a nagging case of tendonitis on my left elbow. Previously I been injected twice with cortisone. The injections helped initially but the inflammation returned. Lois treated me, and over four visits the pain was eliminated.

My second round of treatments was to reduce postoperative shoulder pain from rotator cuff and repair of a torn labrium. Lois’ treatments reduced the pain and allowed me increased flexibility. I feel the treatments significantly improved my recovery time.

I would highly recommend Lois to anyone seeking pain relief and the overall benefits of wellness that acupuncture provides. I was especially impressed with her ability to ask the right questions and really listen to my input. She really had a way of making me feel comfortable, and I found myself extremely relaxed after the treatments.”

— D.H.

I went to Lois as I felt very comfortable knowing she was a very dedicated acupuncturist and nurse. I had a lot of pain in my leg as I had a large ganglion cyst that had to be removed. I desperately needed some relief from the pain before having surgery. Her gentle touch and soothing way helped me greatly. When Lois inserted the needles it didn’t hurt at all and I do not like needles. Lois sat next to me after she inserted the needles and talked to me to make sure the pain that the cyst was causing subsided with her treatment. Yes, it did immediately and eased my anticipation!

I will continue to go to Lois if needed for any other problems and highly would recommend her for sure.”

— E.K.

“I went to Lois after injuring my knee during a fall. I had an MRI, but there was nothing doctors could do for it. I was unable to straighten it and felt a great deal of pain, even walked with a limp.

After several acupuncture sessions with Lois, I started to notice that I had more mobility and relief from the constant discomfort and pain. I found Lois to be very knowledgable and I felt very comfortable with her treating me. She was very gentle and kind. It has been about a year since I was treated and my knee feels good as new…I am not sure I could say the same had I not gotten treated by Lois…she has helped me tremendously and I thank her!”

— L.K.M.